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Cable carrier


Cable carrierĀ for mechanical cleaning of exhaust pipes

Do you have to do the mechanical cleaning of clogged drain pipes? Now you can do it yourself!

With one hand you operate the drill, with the other you insert the flexible cable inside the drain making it rotate.
The cable carrier has an opening on one side where it is possible to extract the cable and insert it inside the tube without extracting it completely.
In this way it takes up very little space and you can work in complete autonomy.

Extremely light and compact. It allows you to work even in the tightest places

It is made of plastic and weighs only 1.4 kg

4 different customizations:
Carrier without cord
Carrier with 15 meters of 6mm flexible cable
Carrier with 15 meters of 8 mm flexible cable
Carrier with 10 meters of 10 mm flexible cable

Size 47 x 56 x 165 cm
Weight 1,4 kg


Mechanical cleaning of exhaust pipes autonomously


Operated through a drill
To connect the most suitable chain at the end

Ecomondo 2023

07.11.2023 - 10.11.2023

C6 stand 107